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The Spark FM Experience

by Su Roys and Alex Lewczuk provide a mini-audio snapshot of the exemplary work of Caroline Mitchell and her top team at the University of Sunderland`s very own Spark FM. …Read more

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Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

by Jennie Finch welcomes Su Roys and Sam Bradley to the latest `Book of the Month` programme which shines the Southside spotlight on Ishiguro`s acclaimed novel. …read more Southside: Never …Read more

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Camping and Simon & Garfunkel

by The phenomenon of camping is duly discussed with Camping and Cravan Experts Rob Ganley and Carly Czuba before Stuart Gibbon, Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk welcome back ace Producer/Director/Performer …Read more

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LACO, Surrey, LA and SFX

by Professor Jason Whittaker, Kristy Bond, Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk launch the second hour of the programme by connecting with Director of Marketing for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra …Read more

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The Stone Tapes Vol 4

by A Steam-Punked Stone Tapes sees Sam Stone, David J Howe , Kristy Bond and Patricia H Ash joined by Asylum cofounders Lady Elsie and Major Tinker as they explore …Read more

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Inspired On Air Aug 2015

by Sara Bullimore, Gill Hart, Su Roys and crime writer Stuart Gibbon join Alex Lewczuk and reflect on Inspiring events past , present and future for Lincoln and beyond …read …Read more

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The London Experience Affair

by Natalie Tuck shares her thoughts on London and baking with Su Roys and Alex Lewczuk before Richard Fitzwilliams provides a controversial perspective on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. followed by …Read more

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Cosplay, Miss England, Emma T & LA

by The programme continues with premier cosplayer Gwyneth Flannigan providing her thoughts on the Drivetime disc, Liz Brewer sharing her advice on Miss and Mr England, Emma Tinson summarising from …Read more

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Sound and Nick`s Vision Vol 8

by A summer special of audio delights with ace photographer Nick Elliott and guest co-presenters Chloe Baker and Su Roys journeying through an audio smorgasboard of rock music classics. …read …Read more

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The Importance of Bio-Chromium

by Another fascinating Dennis Gore mini-lecture in association with on the topic of coping with diabetes …read more Southside: The Importance of Bio-Chromium       

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Saltburn Food Festival 2015

by In which Alex Lewczuk and ace author Jennie Finch take an audio promenade through the streets of Saltburn`s acclaimed Food Festival and go from The Book Corner to the …Read more

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More updates from Pharma Nord Morpeth

by In which Alex Lewczuk catches up with Lindsay Baldry , Rasmus, Anna Lauder and Bent Henriksen O.B.E. from the premier nutritional supplements company Pharma Nord ( pictures on …Read more

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Inspired on Air July 2015

by Poet Michael Blackburn and Alex Lewczuk host a special Newark Book festival themed show with festival organiser Paul Trickett launching the programme and featuring the legendary Margaret Dickinson, children`s …Read more

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From Alzheimer`s to Atrial Fibrillation

by Another premier mini-lecture in association with with Dennis Gore is followed by some interesting comments on Atrial Fibrillation with Professor Martin Cowie. …read more Southside: From Alzheimer`s to …Read more

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National Portrait Gallery Part 1

by In which Alex Lewczuk , Ed Wellman, Emma Tinson and Sarah Huntley join Richard Fitzwilliams and PR Officer Neil Evans for a mini-tour of the UK`s impresssive and amazing …Read more

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National Portrait Gallery Part 2

by In which our intrepid team continue their time-travelling tour of the National Portrait gallery with the expert overview of Neil Evans …read more Southside: National Portrait Gallery Part 2 …Read more

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BHF, Ted 2, Fashion and Ian Lennox

by Caroline Usher chats with Alex Lewczuk and Kristy Bond about the ongoing excellent work of the British Heart Foundation after which Richard Fitzwilliams shares his latest filmic analyses with …Read more